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Government begins with "We the People"


We the People are the Constitutionally authorized government to execute the laws of the union. So how do the People take back power from tyrants and antichrists who have been conspiring since 1787 to gradually usurp the duty of the People?

A “Red Fog Over America” hovers like a smog choking the life out of US. This smog consists of a cabal who behind the curtain pulls the strings of 536 “elected” rogue representatives. They have consolidated their power by using
a massive Police State and militarized local law enforcement. And, now, with other non-elected public officials, this “Shadow of Power” continues to control our “Life, Liberty and Property” and that of our posterity.


For over a century Christian values in America have been under attack, primarily by a corrupt two-party political system that the People keep in place by voting for Evil. By revitalizing the Second Amendment’s “well-regulated Militia (that is) necessary to the security of a free State”, We the People will mobilize to eliminate the criminal Federal Reserve and their lapdogs in the IRS.


Assisting Christian patriots to restore the original intent of the 1787 U.S. Constitution and economic freedom to our republic is why We The People for President was founded. #WTPP will guide the People on regaining power. Indeed, the People will once again govern, but they must gather the courage to do this on their own. The People will first need to turn back to the God of the Bible and repent and pray and ask Him for mercy and the grace to organize and mobilize themselves to Make America Christian Again.

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