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“We The People for President” is a movement of Christians and patriots to give government power back to the People. We will do this by revitalizing the Constitutional Militia on the local, county and State level, which will enable the People to restore economic freedom by eliminating the traitors & cowards in Congress who abdicated their monetary duty by giving to the Money Lenders the ability to print currency. By this treasonous act the usury-lending Banksters now enslave US, and their Police State controls us. The criminals at the Federal Reserve and IRS will also be addressed by the power of the People in grand juries. 

“We The People for President” puts our Lord Jesus Christ, the Church and family life, at the center of economic activity. The duty of the State is to help the Church and the People defend the rights given to us by the God of Sacred Scriptures.

Love for life does not deter us from death. By the blood of the Lamb shed in His sacrifice on the Cross, we will conquer the prince of this world, Satan, and his followers.

We belong to Our Lord Jesus Christ! No king but Christ the King!

Traditional Christmas scenes and sacred

Our movement at its core is to protect the family. We will restore families economically by freeing them from the oppression of federal income tax and the IRS. 


We are revitalizing the constitutional state militias that that are in the Bill of Rights as follows:

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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Did you know that most Americans do not owe federal income taxes? So why pay them? 

- Only the state holds the right to levy income tax

- NO LAW requires you to file Federal Income tax returns

- NO LAW requires you to pay Federal Income taxes

- NO LAW requires you to have Federal Income Taxes withheld from your wages interest or dividends, and you can legally stop the withholding

*Taken from Irwin Shiff book The Federal Mafia

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