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Nick Landholt is the first political leader to join the "We the People for President" movement. Nick is running for governor of Texas in 2022. The reason why Nick is running is to revitalize the Constitutional Texas State Militia and take back the power from Austin, the counties, and cities in order to return it to the People where it belongs. 

Mission and Vision: The Kingship of Christ reigns over individuals and nation-states. Until the independence of Texas is regained, the Office of the Governor of Texas will restore the Texas State Militia to assist in re-establishing economic freedom from the Money Lenders. Landholt for Governor will work with county sheriffs in enforcing the federal income tax laws for Texas businesses and individuals, most of whom are neither liable to pay federal income taxes nor file federal tax returns. Political power will be returned to the people of Texas through the sovereignty of Christ the King. 


Landholt for Texas Governor Pillars


Pillar 1-Texas Security Bill and restoration of the Constitutional Texan Militia


Revitalizing Constitutional State Militia is the first pillar of the Landholt for Governor campaign. The first thirteen words of the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution are the most important when one considers the fact they make possible the defense of all other rights and freedoms given to us by God, including life, liberty and property. Those thirteen words are: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”; and in order to remain free, Texians must understand they are responsible for training and organizing Militia forces in order to defend individuals, families and communities. We realize, as did our founding fathers, that Texas Militia makes possible the other pillars in the movement and together they will bring about a free people and an independent Texas.


Pillar 2- End Usury and IRS

Regaining control over issuing currency is closely aligned to revitalizing the Texas Militia. The People in Texas, and the united States of America, have allowed usury, a sin condemned by God and a sin that cries out to Him for vengeance, to bring about other evils into our lives. As 1 Tim VI:10 says: “The desire for money is the root of all evils.” The People of Texas will transform our current usury lending system into an investment banking structure to allow investors and lenders to connect and share the same interests as Texas business owners, workers, and entrepreneurs. In an investment banking structure, investors share the risk with the business owner(s) or entrepreneur. This creates a closer working relationship between capital and labor for a more beneficial (to Texas) stewardship of land and property. Economic freedom from usury historically brings prosperity and by replacing usury/interest in Texas with an investment banking model, wealth will be controlled by Texians. We will create our own monetary system backed by a controlled commodity index to ensure our wealth is preserved from the anti-Christian monetary policies of the criminals in the Federal Reserve and Washington D.C. And with the Texas Militia and county sheriffs on guard, the criminals in the Internal Revenue Service will have stolen their last dollar from Texas citizens as well.


Pillar 3- End of the Perversion called “LGBTQ”

The sin of sodomy will once again join the sin of murder as a capital crime. Marriage certificates for “same-sex” couples will no longer be issued.


Pillar 4 – Defending the Spiritual and Temporal Rights of Christ the King and the Church

Christ is King and He rules the Heavens and the earth. The kingdom of God on earth must be defended like any other kingdom. Convening an inquisition into the clergy of the Church in Texas will therefore be necessary to uncover individual bishops and priests who are undermining the teachings of the Catholic Church by preaching doctrines contrary to the universal Church. In addition, with many natural resources, and industrial hemp being the new cash crop for the Lone Star State, a thriving Texas economy will be competitive with other States of the Union and countries around the world. Therefore, the rights of Christ the King and Texas families will be paramount and a priority in all meetings where investment banking and trade agreements are negotiated.  This will create new wealth for Texas families, and as a result, Texians will freely gift their first fruits to Christ the King and His Church.    

We are looking for more facilitators to help the "We the people for President" movement. Remember, our government belongs to "we the people," contact us today. 

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