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#KIRS - "The Law That Never Was"

The criminal IRS needs to exterminated. Problem is FOGs, like the dead TEA Party movement, are "created" by "leaders" who purposely keep the Sheeple ignorant and cowardly...for a reason.

5 years ago to the day I posted the following link and comments on JB:

[ Hey, TEA Party, stop playing defense. We the People need to get rid of the IRS and the Synagogue of Satan that owns the Federal Reserve and enslaved generations of Americans to immoral debt. It's time Christian patriots organized and terminated Corporate Fascists, the traitors in Washington (including my opponent) and took back our individual States. I'm a military veteran and the only candidate with the courage to step up to the plate and hack away at the root of America's problems: the Money Powers financing the Moslem infidels, and the Federal Reserve's criminal agents in the IRS. Big Finance has run ex-Christian America into the ground. However, I need an experienced campaign staff to help this movement go viral.

Follow me on FB and support my Nicholas Landholdt campaign for Congress. It's time to stop pussyfootin' around. I plan to call for Governor Greg Abbott and the State Legislature to revitalize the constitutional Texas Militia and combine forces with Texas county sheriffs to kick the Federal Reserve and IRS out of the Lone Star State. ]

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