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#KTPS - The Christian "Militia of the several States" Solves America's Police State

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

"True v. False Militia (and Why the Difference Matters) is a three part series written in 2007 by Constitutional attorney Dr Edwin Vieira, Jr.

[ Excerpt: Although at the present time I am one of very few people, if not the only person, vociferously advocating revitalization of "the Militia of the several States" along strict constitutional lines, I am confident that the Forces of Darkness fully anticipate that I shall not remain for much longer a lonely "voice crying in the wilderness" of the Internet and the market for rare books. Rather, as this country lurches ever-closer to crisis because of their insatiable avarice, ambition, and appetite for power, accelerated by their inexhaustible arrogance, the Forces of Darkness realize that time is running out and that truth will out. The consequences of that eventuality being so detrimental to them, they need to take counteraction soon, before they find themselves pitched out on their ears.

They have four options: ]

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