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Christian patriot. Ran for Congress in 2016 on a platform of killing the IRS using LCS Militia. Received 23,613 votes (10.5%). When factoring in absentee voting and (computer) VoteFraud, I probably received 2-3x more votes than the "official" tally. By restoring Militia to We the People, they will take back control over the traitors & cowards in Congress who are owned by minoirity groups like AIPAC, the ADL and SPLC.

I am a rare breed: i.e., one of the very few Christian men who does not have "Fear of the Jews Syndrome". So I frequently spend time in what I call JBJ (Jewbook Jail). But these are not true Judeans. They are the Fake Jews mentioned in the Bible.

The Militia Guy

The Militia Guy

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